President's Message for Denture Specialists

Welcome to the Denturist Group of Ontario’s website, your gateway to excellence in denturism. As the President of the DGO, I express gratitude for your visit. Explore our vibrant denturist community, where unity, equality, and transparency thrive. Our annual events—the Annual General Meeting and Continuing Education Conference—showcase our commitment to education, fostering collaboration, and setting high standards. Join our close-knit family, where tradition meets innovation, and denture specialists are celebrated. Embrace a journey of passion, values, and collective growth as we shape the future of denturism.

How We Celebrate

Within our Denturist community, the values of unity, equality, and transparency form the foundation of our shared ethos. Our unwavering commitment to education finds expression in two key events held annually—the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Continuing Education Conference (Con-ed). These gatherings serve as focal points, drawing denturists from across Ontario and beyond to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations. More than mere events, the AGM and Con-ed provide a dynamic platform where members come together to share their unique visions, exchange knowledge, and showcase innovative practices. This commitment to ongoing education not only enhances the professional growth of our community but also contributes to the collective elevation of denturism standards, fostering a spirit of collaboration and excellence.

As a united group, our passion resonates in our collective pursuit of expanding the scope of practice in denturism. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and embracing the latest technological advancements that enhance our ability to provide top-tier care, led by denture specialists. Within our association, the thriving atmosphere is a result of the combined efforts of each member contributing to the achievements we hold dear. Personally, I firmly believe in the unique talents and perspectives that each member brings to the table, creating a diverse and dynamic environment. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to new denturists, including denture specialists, inviting them to join our close-knit family. Together, we aim to continue elevating the standards of denturism and making a positive impact on the oral health landscape in Ontario.


Who We Are

At the Denturist Group of Ontario, our identity extends beyond being an association; we are a closely-knit community of dedicated professionals and denture specialists embarking on an exhilarating journey together. Embracing values deeply rooted in tradition and authenticity, we chart a course that inspires both new and seasoned denturists to become creative and confident leaders in their field. Beyond the conventional roles, we invite denturists to view our community as a supportive ecosystem where the richness of tradition meets the excitement of innovation.

Our commitment is to serve as more than just a professional network; we aim to be a cornerstone in the careers of our members. Our values act as a compass, guiding denturists as they navigate the complexities and opportunities within the ever-evolving landscape of denturism. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to enhance your expertise, we invite you to join us in this journey of genuine passion, unwavering values, and collective growth. Together, let’s shape the future of denturism and make a lasting impact on the oral health landscape.

I extend a warm and open invitation to denturists, including dental specialists, who aspire to practice at the pinnacle of their profession and be an integral part of a vibrant and supportive community. Come and join the Denturist Group of Ontario, where the timeless values of tradition blend with the spirit of innovation. Within our community, every member is not just a participant but a valued contributor, essential to our collective success. Together, let us forge a future where denture specialists not only thrive in their individual pursuits but also inspire one another, contributing to the ongoing excellence that defines and distinguishes our noble profession. Your unique skills and dedication are not just welcomed but celebrated as we collaboratively shape a path towards continuous growth, professional fulfillment, and the highest standards of denturism.


John I. Kallitsis, ASc. DT., DD

President DGO

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  8. Soft Denture Liners
  9. Same-Day Denture Services
  10. Denture Adjustments
  11. Emergency Denture Services
  12. Denture Cleaning and Maintenance
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  15. Denture Consultations and Assessments

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