Tailored Insurance Solutions for DGO Members

As a member of the Denturist Group of Ontario, you can benefit from PROLINK’s exclusive DGO insurance program. With over a decade of serving Denturists, PROLINK has the expertise, knowledge, and care to craft tailor-made solutions at unparalleled rates. As a full-service brokerage, we have options for all of your personal and professional insurance needs, including:

Professional Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance: Protects you from allegations of malpractice, errors, omissions, College or disciplinary complaints and negligence within the scope of your professional activities as a Denturist. It will cover your damages—legal expenses, administrative costs, and court settlements—EVEN if the claims made against you are groundless. Learn more.

Commercial General Liability Insurance: Protects your practice against third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and reputational harm caused by your professional activities or company operations, like if a patient were to slip and fall in your office or suffer an injury from faulty equipment. Learn more.

Property Insurance: Protects your commercial property from damage or loss and covers the costs of repairs or replacement for contents, equipment, and furnishings. This policy also includes coverage for victim-related crime losses, such as cheque forgery or cash that’s stolen from you. Learn more.

Cyber Insurance: Offsets financial costs following a privacy breach, cyberattack, or network security issue, like if confidential patient data is compromised by a hacker or accidentally released by an employee. This policy also provides funds for legal coaching and defence, damages, client notification, credit monitoring, PR consulting, and more. Learn more.

Personal Insurance

Home & Auto Insurance: Your home and your car are your biggest investments. But protecting them shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. With over 40 years of experience and access to a wide network of insurers, we can leverage those connections to demand the best-fit coverage, value, and price for your lifestyle. Get a free, no obligation Home & Auto quote today!

Life & Health Insurance: Access custom-tailored solutions for every facet of your life—your health, your family, and your business. Our comprehensive Extended Health, Dental, Critical Illness, Life Insurance, and Employer Group Benefits plans will provide you with the financial security you’ll need to recover on your own terms. Get a free quote today!

No matter where you’re coming from, or how complex your needs are, PROLINK can guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price. Visit our website or call us at 1-800 663-6828 to learn more!


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