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Sometimes referred to simply as “partials”, partial dentures are used when you have some tooth loss but also retain healthy natural teeth. Maintained in place by the remaining teeth and surrounding tissues, an upper partial denture or lower partial denture can restore your smile and the full function of your mouth.

Partial dentures are most often removable and consist of prosthetic teeth, a gum-coloured aesthetic base, and metal or plastic clasps that connect to natural teeth. Dental bridges are sometimes called partial dentures but rely on a different approach where healthy teeth are filed and prepared to support a prosthetic. Removable partials don’t require any invasive procedures.

The Denturist Group of Ontario will help you to connect with a local denturist who will provide reliable care for the design, treatment, fitting, and maintenance of partials.

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Full Denture, Upper Partial Denture,
or Lower Partial Denture – What’s the Difference?

Complete or full dentures are designed to cover the entire arch when you have extensive tooth loss. Partials are ideal when you have healthy teeth and need to fill the gaps left by teeth that have been lost or surgically extracted.

Unlike complete dentures, partials don’t need adhesives and are held in place by brackets. They are comfortable and durable and look natural in the smile. These dentures are available for the front and back of the mouth, on either the lower or upper arch.

  • An upper partial denture is used for teeth at the top of your mouth.
  • A lower partial denture is used for teeth at the bottom of your mouth.

If you have tooth loss at the top and bottom arch, you could be treated with a combination of an upper partial denture and a lower partial denture.

A denturist is the best choice if you need a lower partial denture or an upper partial denture. Compared to a general dentist, a denturist specializes only in treatments that involve dentures, ensuring that you get the highest quality care with the best aesthetic and functional outcomes.

The Benefits of Partial Dentures in Ontario

With the help of a talented denturist, you’ll enjoy a range of advantages when wearing partials.

  • A Beautiful Smile: Partial dentures in Ontario are crafted to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, providing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Improved Speech: Partials help in restoring proper alignment and spacing, contributing to clearer and more articulate speech. By filling the gaps left by missing teeth, partials aid in proper tongue placement, enhancing pronunciation and speech clarity.
  • Easier Chewing: By replacing missing teeth, partials restore the ability to chew effectively, facilitating proper digestion and overall nutritional well-being.
  • Prevention of Tooth Movement: Partials prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the gaps left by missing teeth, maintaining the structural integrity of your dental arch.
  • Feel More Confident: Partials restore a complete and functional smile, promoting a positive self-image and boosting overall confidence.
  • Comfortable and Customizable: Partials are custom-fitted to the unique contours of your mouth, ensuring optimal comfort, and minimizing irritation.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Partials are designed for easy removal and cleaning, promoting good oral hygiene practices to prevent issues such as gum disease and bad breath.
  • Versatility in Design: Partials can be designed using various materials, including acrylics, metals, or a combination, offering flexibility in meeting individual preferences and functional requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement: Compared to some other tooth replacement options, partials offer a cost-effective solution for restoring missing teeth.
  • Easy to Get Used To: Most individuals adapt quickly to wearing partials, experiencing minimal discomfort during the initial adjustment period.
  • Optimal Fit: A denturist or dental professional ensures a precise fit of partials, minimizing the risk of discomfort and maximizing functionality.
  • Functional and Structural Support: Partials provide support not only for missing teeth but also contribute to the overall stability of the remaining natural teeth.

Your Denturist Will Ensure a Comfortable Fit With or Without Denture Soft Liners

Your denturist will accurately develop partial dentures in Ontario that suit the anatomy of your mouth. Your replacement teeth will fit perfectly with the natural teeth in your smile.

  • Initial impressions and the final prosthetic will be made accurately to ensure stability and comfort. Attention to detail also ensures that partials are also durable. The more accurate dentures are, the longer they will last.

Denture soft liners are available but aren’t always needed. Because your denturist ensures the perfect fit there will be minimal risk of irritation or discomfort. Some patients are more naturally sensitive than others, so denture soft liners will still be an option. Liners create a barrier between the denture and the soft tissue of the mouth. Denture soft liners will need to be maintained and replaced with regular visits to your denturist, usually every six months. The time between visits can vary depending on your specific case.

You may only need to use denture soft liners temporarily. Many patients find that partial dentures in Ontario become more comfortable after the first few weeks.

If you have concerns about dentures you’ve been wearing for a while, or if you have new dentures that don’t feel quite right, you can talk to your denturist for an evaluation and any necessary adjustments.

The Denturist Group of Ontario helps you to find a local denturist with the expertise and reputation that will ensure your best smile yet. Make your smile complete again with partial dentures in Ontario.

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