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Losing your teeth can be a challenging experience, but you can still restore and even enhance your smile. Dentures have come a long way over the years, with denturists now able to offer stable, aesthetic, and durable solutions that restore oral function and facial appearance.

If you want a new smile with the ability to speak, eat, and enjoy life with ease, dentures could be the best choice for you. The Denturist Group of Ontario is a network of the best denture care providers in the region, giving you the best solutions for tooth loss in your area.

Connect with a local denturist today and see how dentures can be a life-changing treatment for partial or complete tooth loss.

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The Advantages of Denture Treatment with Your Local Denturist

  • The aesthetic improvement will give you the confidence to smile at home, at work, and in social situations.
  • You’ll be able to speak clearly and confidently with improved pronunciation.
  • Chewing and biting into food will feel easy and natural. Restoring the function of your mouth can also improve overall nutrition and digestion.
  • Treatment with a lower or upper denture can prevent tooth movement to keep natural teeth healthy and aligned.
  • The treatment is fully customizable to suit your unique needs and the anatomy of your mouth.
  • Modern denture units are easy to clean and maintain. Your denturist will provide ongoing support for maintenance and adjustments.
  • There are a range of styles and materials available depending on the extent of tooth loss. Modern materials mean more realistic teeth with better durability than in the past.
  • Your new teeth will feel comfortable whether you are sitting at rest, speaking, or eating.

Treatment with a qualified denturist ensures the best possible service as well as the most anatomically correct solution for tooth loss.

Upper Denture Treatment

An upper denture will be used if you’ve lost some or all the teeth at the top of your mouth. The unit may be secured to surrounding natural teeth or stabilized with a maxillary plate in the case of a complete upper denture.

Modern design methods and materials ensure an excellent fit and comfort with restored function to make chewing, biting, and speaking easy. Adhesives are necessary to stabilize a full upper denture and keep it in place.

You can learn more about upper denture treatment when you begin your consultation with a certified denturist in Ontario.

Lower Denture Treatment

Lower denture treatment is necessary when you have lost teeth at the bottom of the mouth. The treatment goal is the same, with units being designed to restore the aesthetic and function of your smile. The key difference with a lower denture unit is in how it’s secured.

A lower denture will use plastic brackets on surrounding natural teeth, this will ensure stability while ensuring a natural appearance when you are speaking, eating, or opening your mouth. A lower denture will need occasional adjustments to ensure the right fit as the anatomy of your mouth changes over time.

No More Loose Dentures

Loose dentures were once common and were seen as a downside to treatment. However, modern methods and the skill of the best denturists in Ontario make loose dentures a thing of the past.

Fit and quality are important to prevent loose dentures. Local denturists are highly trained and skilled and commit their careers to providing reliable denture treatment. You won’t experience loose dentures because your new teeth will be laboratory-designed to fit the unique anatomy of your mouth.

Modern adhesives prevent loose dentures and there are even options like soft liners to enhance overall comfort when necessary. You’ll have a functioning smile with the help of your local denturist. Most importantly, it will be beautiful and stable without the risk of loose dentures.

If you already wear dentures that you’ve had for several years, a local denturist can assist with adjustments, repairs, or new units that are snug and stable.

Cleaning Dentures is Easy

Modern dentures are made from reliable materials that resist bacteria, staining, and odour. Cleaning dentures is an easy task that won’t add any more time to your daily routine than normal oral hygiene.

The process for cleaning dentures varies depending on the type that you have. Cleaning dentures usually involves removing the units, cleaning with a special toothbrush, and rinsing and then soaking while you sleep. You might get specific instructions for cleaning dentures if you have unique units or special materials, but these will always be easy to follow without any hassle.

Your denturist will provide advice and tips on the right techniques to use, and you can ask questions during your consultation if you have any uncertainty about cleaning dentures at home.

Find the Best Denturist Near You

The Denturist Group of Ontario is your portal to the best local denturists that can restore your smile. Find a specialized professional that will aid you from initial consultation to the completion of your treatment and long-term maintenance. You’ll benefit from the professionalism and expertise that only a denturist can provide.

Find your local denturist today and look forward to your new life with natural-looking, stable, and comfortable dentures in Ontario.

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