DGO Denturists are Ready for Change!

Joining our association offers numerous benefits. As our membership grows, we secure advantageous group discounts and consistently seek better rates for our members. The Denturist Group of Ontario (DGO) was created to bring positive change to our profession, providing a unified voice for healthcare professionals and enhancing services for both the public and our members. Our association is characterized by innovation, fairness, progressiveness, and transparency, ensuring the advancement of denturists in Ontario. Denturists are invited to join us for a supportive peer network, vendor benefits, continuing education, and overall member assistance.

The SUPPORT you need from those you can TRUST.

Denturist Group Working for Denturists and the Profession

The DGO Membership Includes:

  • Discounted Malpractice Insurance Rates
  • Office / Building Insurance Packages
  • Continuing Education Seminars
  • Procedure Code Book
  • Dental Insurance Claim Forms
  • Denturist Group Membership Certificate

New Member Applicants, please fill out the Contact Us form first to request to become a member. Following your membership request, you will be contacted by the DGO Administrator about the result of your application to join. ONLY once approved in writing, should you proceed to pay for one of the membership levels. Kindly note, that if you pay before being approved, you will be refunded and your request will be declined.


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Denturist ID

Kindly input your Denturist ID as issued by DGO.

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Services List

Sample Services:

  1. Complete Denture Services
  2. Partial Dentures
  3. Immediate Dentures
  4. Denture Repair and Relining
  5. Implant-Supported Dentures
  6. Overdentures
  7. Precision Attachments for Dentures
  8. Soft Denture Liners
  9. Same-Day Denture Services
  10. Denture Adjustments
  11. Emergency Denture Services
  12. Denture Cleaning and Maintenance
  13. Custom Sports Mouthguards
  14. Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances
  15. Denture Consultations and Assessments

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Amenities List

Sample Amenities:

  1. Parking Facilities
  2. Lounge Area
  3. Sterilization Room
  4. Digital X-Ray Technology
  5. Private Treatment Room
  6. Wi-Fi Access
  7. Refreshment Station
  8. Relaxation Amenities
  9. Accessible Facilities
  10. Children Play Area

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